QUESTIONS about E-Cars:

"How much RANGE does a USED e-car still offer?" (LOSS in km)

"How EXPENSIVE are repairs of partially or totally defective batteries?" (RISK in euros)



Battery size:

Available in new condition:

Resulting range (new condition):




How much range is left depending on battery health?

Move Slider and combine battery degradation (in %) with lost range (in km).

Display Winter Range
80 %
Range (calculated)

100% charged the car achieves a range of -km with -% battery capacity.

Unterhalb einer Restkapazität von 40% ...

Lost range

That's -km less than when it was new - a clear loss of mobility!

... ist die Betriebssicherheit eines Elektroautos nicht mehr ausreichend gegeben.

Compare these estimates with the REAL results on the AVILOO Battery Certificate:



1x Battery Replacement:

1x Module Replacement:

Cost of labor for module replacement:

Cost of labor for battery replacement:





What are the maximum costs for battery damage?

The maximum risk associated with this electric car:



The cost of defective batteries starts at -EUR for a module replacement ...


... and amount to upwards of -EUR with a complete battery replacement.

AVILOO Certificate
99 €

The AVILOO Certificate for this Car only costs 99 Euro – for exact data on the battery's health!

99 euros is ALWAYS negligible compared to the extreme cost of hidden battery issues.
Get ACCURATE information about the REAL battery health of this electric car: